It’s true that there are so many condos that available in Singapore, just like the grandeur park residences in Tanah Merah. However, if you’re not being careful when you choose a condo, you can get tricked by the condo scams. It’s important to investigate the property agent or the condo marketing company thoroughly before you decide to buy a condo. If you’ve ended up with a condo that’s not worth the amount of money that you’ve paid, you can just regret your decision and that money isn’t coming back. That’s why we’d like to share some info with you on how to avoid the condo scams.

Remember that those scam artists or companies are taking the advantages from the sheer number of people who are looking to buy a condo and the ones that look to get a condo hastily as well. No matter how hasty you are, you need to keep calm in order to avoid the condo scams.

Here are the ways to avoid the condo scams:

1. Ask the agent thoroughly about the property

If the agent is responsive and also can answer your questions quickly and also in a good detail, it’s a sign that company might be a genuine one. However, this first way to avoid the scams won’t guarantee you to avoid them by 100%, due to some scam agents are smooth talkers. However, this will be a first indication that you’ve chosen a good agent to buy a condo.

2. Do some researches

It’s important for you to do some researches about the company that’s selling the condo. If it’s a legal and reputable company, then it will likely to be a genuine company, who will sell a qualified condo and not the scam ones.

3. The licensed property agent

If the agent that’s offering you the condo doesn’t have any license, then switch to other agents, due to the unlicensed agents has the higher risk of being a scam artist. However, if you worry about the fake license, you can check their authenticity in the legal website for the property agents in Singapore.